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rapidjson::GenericArray< bool, typename > Class Template Reference

Helper class for accessing Value of array type. More...

#include <document.h>

Public Types

typedef GenericArray< true,
ValueT > 
typedef GenericArray< false,
ValueT > 
typedef ValueT PlainType
internal::MaybeAddConst< Const,
PlainType >::Type 
typedef ValueType * ValueIterator
typedef const ValueT * ConstValueIterator
typedef ValueType::AllocatorType AllocatorType
typedef ValueType::StringRefType StringRefType

Public Member Functions

 GenericArray (const GenericArray &rhs)
GenericArrayoperator= (const GenericArray &rhs)
SizeType Size () const
SizeType Capacity () const
bool Empty () const
void Clear () const
ValueType & operator[] (SizeType index) const
ValueIterator Begin () const
ValueIterator End () const
GenericArray Reserve (SizeType newCapacity, AllocatorType &allocator) const
GenericArray PushBack (ValueType &value, AllocatorType &allocator) const
GenericArray PushBack (StringRefType value, AllocatorType &allocator) const
template<typename T >
const GenericArrayPushBack (T value, AllocatorType &allocator) const
GenericArray PopBack () const
ValueIterator Erase (ConstValueIterator pos) const
ValueIterator Erase (ConstValueIterator first, ConstValueIterator last) const


template<typename , typename >
class GenericValue

Detailed Description

template<bool, typename>
class rapidjson::GenericArray< bool, typename >

Helper class for accessing Value of array type.

Instance of this helper class is obtained by GenericValue::GetArray(). In addition to all APIs for array type, it provides range-based for loop if RAPIDJSON_HAS_CXX11_RANGE_FOR=1.

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