rapidjson::GenericMemberIterator< Const, Encoding, Allocator > Class Template Reference

(Constant) member iterator for a JSON object value More...

#include <document.h>

Public Types

typedef GenericMemberIterator Iterator
 Iterator type itself.
typedef GenericMemberIterator< true, Encoding, AllocatorConstIterator
 Constant iterator type.
typedef GenericMemberIterator< false, Encoding, AllocatorNonConstIterator
 Non-constant iterator type.

Public Member Functions

Iteratoroperator++ ()
Iteratoroperator-- ()
Iterator operator++ (int)
Iterator operator-- (int)
Iterator operator+ (DifferenceType n) const
Iterator operator- (DifferenceType n) const
Iteratoroperator+= (DifferenceType n)
Iteratoroperator-= (DifferenceType n)
bool operator== (ConstIterator that) const
bool operator!= (ConstIterator that) const
bool operator<= (ConstIterator that) const
bool operator>= (ConstIterator that) const
bool operator< (ConstIterator that) const
bool operator> (ConstIterator that) const


class GenericValue< Encoding, Allocator >
template<bool , typename , typename >
class GenericMemberIterator

std::iterator_traits support

typedef ValueType value_type
typedef ValueType * pointer
typedef ValueType & reference
typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef std::random_access_iterator_tag iterator_category
typedef pointer Pointer
 Pointer to (const) GenericMember.
typedef reference Reference
 Reference to (const) GenericMember.
typedef difference_type DifferenceType
 Signed integer type (e.g. ptrdiff_t)
 GenericMemberIterator ()
 Default constructor (singular value) More...
 GenericMemberIterator (const NonConstIterator &it)
 Iterator conversions to more const. More...
Iteratoroperator= (const NonConstIterator &it)


Reference operator* () const
Pointer operator-> () const
Reference operator[] (DifferenceType n) const
DifferenceType operator- (ConstIterator that) const

Detailed Description

template<bool Const, typename Encoding, typename Allocator>
class rapidjson::GenericMemberIterator< Const, Encoding, Allocator >

(Constant) member iterator for a JSON object value

Template Parameters
ConstIs this a constant iterator?
EncodingEncoding of the value. (Even non-string values need to have the same encoding in a document)
AllocatorAllocator type for allocating memory of object, array and string.

This class implements a Random Access Iterator for GenericMember elements of a GenericValue, see ISO/IEC 14882:2003(E) C++ standard, 24.1 [lib.iterator.requirements].

This iterator implementation is mainly intended to avoid implicit conversions from iterator values to NULL, e.g. from GenericValue::FindMember.
Define RAPIDJSON_NOMEMBERITERATORCLASS to fall back to a pointer-based implementation, if your platform doesn't provide the C++ <iterator> header.
See also
GenericMember, GenericValue::MemberIterator, GenericValue::ConstMemberIterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GenericMemberIterator() [1/2]

template<bool Const, typename Encoding, typename Allocator>
rapidjson::GenericMemberIterator< Const, Encoding, Allocator >::GenericMemberIterator ( )

Default constructor (singular value)

Creates an iterator pointing to no element.

All operations, except for comparisons, are undefined on such values.

◆ GenericMemberIterator() [2/2]

template<bool Const, typename Encoding, typename Allocator>
rapidjson::GenericMemberIterator< Const, Encoding, Allocator >::GenericMemberIterator ( const NonConstIterator it)

Iterator conversions to more const.

it(Non-const) iterator to copy from

Allows the creation of an iterator from another GenericMemberIterator that is "less const". Especially, creating a non-constant iterator from a constant iterator are disabled:

  • const -> non-const (not ok)
  • const -> const (ok)
  • non-const -> const (ok)
  • non-const -> non-const (ok)
If the Const template parameter is already false, this constructor effectively defines a regular copy-constructor. Otherwise, the copy constructor is implicitly defined.

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