rapidjson::StdAllocator< T, BaseAllocator > Class Template Reference
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struct  rebind

Public Types

typedef BaseAllocator BaseAllocatorType
typedef traits_type::size_type size_type
typedef traits_type::difference_type difference_type
typedef traits_type::value_type value_type
typedef traits_type::pointer pointer
typedef traits_type::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef allocator_type::reference reference
typedef allocator_type::const_reference const_reference

Public Member Functions

 StdAllocator (const StdAllocator &rhs) RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
template<typename U >
 StdAllocator (const StdAllocator< U, BaseAllocator > &rhs) RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
 StdAllocator (const BaseAllocator &allocator) RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
pointer address (reference r) const RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
const_pointer address (const_reference r) const RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
size_type max_size () const RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
void construct (pointer p, const_reference r)
void destroy (pointer p)
template<typename U >
U * allocate (size_type n=1, const void *=0)
template<typename U >
void deallocate (U *p, size_type n=1)
pointer allocate (size_type n=1, const void *=0)
void deallocate (pointer p, size_type n=1)
template<typename U >
bool operator== (const StdAllocator< U, BaseAllocator > &rhs) const RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
template<typename U >
bool operator!= (const StdAllocator< U, BaseAllocator > &rhs) const RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
void * Malloc (size_t size)
void * Realloc (void *originalPtr, size_t originalSize, size_t newSize)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Free (void *ptr) RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT

Static Public Attributes

static const bool kNeedFree = BaseAllocator::kNeedFree
 rapidjson Allocator concept
static const bool kRefCounted = internal::IsRefCounted<BaseAllocator>::Value


template<typename , typename >
class StdAllocator

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