rapidjson::GenericMember< Encoding, Allocator > 模板类 参考

Name-value pair in a JSON object value. 更多...

#include <document.h>

Public 成员函数

GenericMemberoperator= (GenericMember &rhs) RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT
 Assignment with move semantics. 更多...

Public 属性

GenericValue< Encoding, Allocatorname
 name of member (must be a string)
GenericValue< Encoding, Allocatorvalue
 value of member.


void swap (GenericMember &a, GenericMember &b) RAPIDJSON_NOEXCEPT


template<typename Encoding, typename Allocator>
class rapidjson::GenericMember< Encoding, Allocator >

Name-value pair in a JSON object value.

This class was internal to GenericValue. It used to be a inner struct. But a compiler (IBM XL C/C++ for AIX) have reported to have problem with that so it moved as a namespace scope struct. https://code.google.com/p/rapidjson/issues/detail?id=64


◆ operator=()

template<typename Encoding , typename Allocator >
GenericMember& rapidjson::GenericMember< Encoding, Allocator >::operator= ( GenericMember< Encoding, Allocator > &  rhs)

Assignment with move semantics.

rhsSource of the assignment. Its name and value will become a null value after assignment.