rapidjson::UTF16< CharType > 模板结构体 参考

UTF-16 encoding. 更多...

#include <encodings.h>

类 rapidjson::UTF16< CharType > 继承关系图:
rapidjson::UTF16BE< CharType > rapidjson::UTF16LE< CharType >

Public 类型

enum  { supportUnicode = 1 }
typedef CharType Ch

Public 成员函数


静态 Public 成员函数

template<typename OutputStream >
static void Encode (OutputStream &os, unsigned codepoint)
template<typename OutputStream >
static void EncodeUnsafe (OutputStream &os, unsigned codepoint)
template<typename InputStream >
static bool Decode (InputStream &is, unsigned *codepoint)
template<typename InputStream , typename OutputStream >
static bool Validate (InputStream &is, OutputStream &os)


template<typename CharType = wchar_t>
struct rapidjson::UTF16< CharType >

UTF-16 encoding.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-16 http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2781

CharTypeType for storing 16-bit UTF-16 data. Default is wchar_t. C++11 may use char16_t instead.
implements Encoding concept
For in-memory access, no need to concern endianness. The code units and code points are represented by CPU's endianness. For streaming, use UTF16LE and UTF16BE, which handle endianness.