rapidjson::FileReadStream Class Reference

File byte stream for input using fread(). More...

#include <filereadstream.h>

Public Types

typedef char Ch
 Character type (byte).

Public Member Functions

 FileReadStream (std::FILE *fp, char *buffer, size_t bufferSize)
 Constructor. More...
Ch Peek () const
Ch Take ()
size_t Tell () const
void Put (Ch)
void Flush ()
ChPutBegin ()
size_t PutEnd (Ch *)
const ChPeek4 () const

Detailed Description

File byte stream for input using fread().

implements Stream concept

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FileReadStream()

rapidjson::FileReadStream::FileReadStream ( std::FILE *  fp,
char *  buffer,
size_t  bufferSize 


fpFile pointer opened for read.
bufferuser-supplied buffer.
bufferSizesize of buffer in bytes. Must >=4 bytes.

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