rapidjson::GenericStringBuffer< Encoding, Allocator > Class Template Reference

Represents an in-memory output stream. More...

#include <stringbuffer.h>

Public Types

typedef Encoding::Ch Ch

Public Member Functions

 GenericStringBuffer (Allocator *allocator=0, size_t capacity=kDefaultCapacity)
void Put (Ch c)
void PutUnsafe (Ch c)
void Flush ()
void Clear ()
void ShrinkToFit ()
void Reserve (size_t count)
Ch * Push (size_t count)
Ch * PushUnsafe (size_t count)
void Pop (size_t count)
const Ch * GetString () const
size_t GetSize () const
 Get the size of string in bytes in the string buffer.
size_t GetLength () const
 Get the length of string in Ch in the string buffer.

Public Attributes

internal::Stack< Allocatorstack_

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t kDefaultCapacity = 256

Detailed Description

template<typename Encoding, typename Allocator = CrtAllocator>
class rapidjson::GenericStringBuffer< Encoding, Allocator >

Represents an in-memory output stream.

Template Parameters
EncodingEncoding of the stream.
Allocatortype for allocating memory buffer.
implements Stream concept

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