rapidjson::BaseReaderHandler< Encoding, Derived > Struct Template Reference

Default implementation of Handler. More...

#include <reader.h>

Public Types

typedef Encoding::Ch Ch
typedef internal::SelectIf< internal::IsSame< Derived, void >, BaseReaderHandler, Derived >::Type Override

Public Member Functions

bool Default ()
bool Null ()
bool Bool (bool)
bool Int (int)
bool Uint (unsigned)
bool Int64 (int64_t)
bool Uint64 (uint64_t)
bool Double (double)
bool RawNumber (const Ch *str, SizeType len, bool copy)
 enabled via kParseNumbersAsStringsFlag, string is not null-terminated (use length)
bool String (const Ch *, SizeType, bool)
bool StartObject ()
bool Key (const Ch *str, SizeType len, bool copy)
bool EndObject (SizeType)
bool StartArray ()
bool EndArray (SizeType)

Detailed Description

template<typename Encoding = UTF8<>, typename Derived = void>
struct rapidjson::BaseReaderHandler< Encoding, Derived >

Default implementation of Handler.

This can be used as base class of any reader handler.

implements Handler concept

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